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Simplify your way to buy food

RaschGo will be a marketplace designed and developed for the post-pandemic era, in which the customer wants to go out and meet around the cities, and in order to accomplish that desire of the customer, RaschGo is going to be an app that will integrate multiple restaurants and stores in which the customer could select and buy before his arrival at his destination receiving a fresh and proper plate either to take in or to go, and the restaurant /store could sell in advance avoiding the competition that is around the customers destination with a constant update of the customer arrival with notifications.


Select your destination point

You most select your destination point. that could be a transport system station or an exact address and the app will calculate the time that you will take to arrive according your method of transport


The APP will show you the products and restaurants available at your destination

According with your arrival time, you will be able to purchase products that are going to be on time at your arrival avoiding the waiting time


You could select your purchase for take away or dine inn with your companions

You could select your purchase for dine in or take away. For the dine in option you could add your companions


Get always a fresh and proper products

Receive at your arrival always on time a fresh, warm and proper meal

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Welcome to the new generation of restaurants, commerce and any type of store marketplace, in which the customer will be happier while our partners grow and reach the next level.
No contracts, No hidden cost, No activation fees and No suscriptión fees

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1.Fill the following form

Complete the following form to request your entrance to the app and accept our terms and conditions.

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2. Upload the documents

After filling the form you will receive a link to upload you basic documents within 48h.

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3. Download our App in your POS System

Once you become a partner, you could download and add to your POS system the RaschGo App and start to use it.

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4. Set the cooking or packing time for each product

Inside the app you could add products or plates and set all the cooking or packing time in order to the serve the best quality product to our customers.

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5. Get New Customers

Once you become a partnet we will conduct to your store clients that are moving around the city.

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6. Increase your sales

Move one step forward your competitor and sell in advance before the customer arrive to his destination.